Handheld Scanner Networking

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Re:Handheld Scanner Networking

by Guest » Fri May 14, 2010 5:50 pm

Before you go out and get the two cisco 501's you may want to look into if your exisiting firewall/network hardware can support VPNs. May help save you some money.Essentially all you would have to ensure is that proper routing is in place. IE the clients connecting to the APs know how to get to your database servers. The best way i would say to sell the idea is to find out why the previous attempt failed and show how this new design counters the previous failures. 

Re:Handheld Scanner Networking

by Guest » Fri May 14, 2010 4:49 pm

Last questions...If i get the cisco 501 what will I need to do to get it up and running if I have an AP for it already?  Also, I'm having a hard time convincing my boss to look at wireless connection between the buildings because we had so many problems with our crappy linksys connection.  I found the 13.5 dBi antenna you pointed me towards and also a 21 dBi that I guess is the top end.  Once I put up the antennas what is necessary to connect them besides the AP if anything.  I just trying to figure out pros and cons of my options.

Re:Handheld Scanner Networking

by Guest » Fri May 14, 2010 4:03 pm

The pix 501 is a cisco firewall which is capable of doing site-site VPN tunnels which in your case looks to be very benifical and cost effective. And yes, would enable you network access to the infrastructure in the old building. If you look at the wireless solution, i would look towards the high gain antennas, such as the AIR-ANT2410Y-R or better yet 13.5 dBi Mast/Wall Mount YAGI. I wont go into a linksys vs cisco debate, but for the business application i would only go with the cisco gear. This is the small business forum, and the wireless solution requires directional antennas on both buildings and those antennas are not cheap. If it was my personal network i would weigh both solutions and identify the flaws. If your ISP connection goes down on either end, your vpn solution goes down with it. Wireless requires some mroe time and expertise to ensure a safe and proper install. (lightning and proper alignment between the two sites).

Re:Handheld Scanner Networking

by Guest » Fri May 14, 2010 2:25 pm

First of all the buildings are on seperate connections.  We've attempted a signal booster from one building to the other using a linksys large outdoor antenna/receiver setup but signal quality prevented its usage during poor weather.  Ideally we can avoid solutions that involve trying to send a signal directly from building to building so we don't have to worry about weather.The scanners are indeed wi-fi and 802.11 compliant.  I looked up the cisco 501 and correct me if I'm wrong here but it's a hardware VPN solution that will allow me to plug in an wireless AP and thus give me access to the database in the old building.Thank you so much for your help.

Re:Handheld Scanner Networking

by Guest » Fri May 14, 2010 2:23 pm

Well im sorta confused here.If your stating that your buildings are on a seperate inet connection, and your attempting to connect your devices to the 'old building' you can do a VPN solution with say two cisco 501 pixs. Are these scanners wireless in terms of 802.11? If so you could do a 1240AG wireless AP which uses the 5ghz radio to link the buildings together while the 2.4ghz supplies wireless connectivity to your bar code scanners. Given more details i can probally point you in the right direction.