CCENT/ICND1 Training Prep and equipment


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Post by Guest » Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:24 pm

Hi LukeNo problem with asking questions, I am glad if I can be of any help.Well the person I dealt with mostly on Ebay UK (as I am in Ireland) was the person at this link is pretty similar to the lab I started off with). I found him to be really helpful and he provided excellent service. I have also put a couple of other people in contact with him and they also found him good. If you were to contact him and let him know what your budget is and what your immediate requirements are I would think that he could sort something out for you.Another option is to keep a careful eye on some of the auctions, as you can get really good deals by placing bids at the very last minute :) I have picked up a few bargains this way. As for the amount of equipment available on Ebay UK, I find that there is loads of stuff available. What I do is search for just "Cisco" and then anything that I might be interested in I mark to watch and if, when it gets towards the end of the auction, it is within my budget I will make a bid. I have built up a pretty decent lab like this.Well again hope this is of some help. Best Regards & Good luck with the shopping & studies ,Michael

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