Interworking on Static Routing as IGP

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Re:Interworking on Static Routing as IGP

Post by Guest » Sat Jan 22, 2005 9:27 am

Gautam,This is actually normal behavior.Before the label learnt via an LDP peer is coupled to a route in the FIB, the next-hop IP address of the route needs to match one of the interface IP addresses bound to the LDP peer (see below). So basically it will not work without a next IP address.r2#sh mpls ldp nei    Peer LDP Ident:; Local LDP Ident        TCP connection: -        State: Oper; Msgs sent/rcvd: 27/27; Downstream        Up time: 00:15:07        LDP discovery sources:          Serial3/0, Src IP addr:        Addresses bound to peer LDP Ident:    <++++++ the route next hop has to match one of these addresses.Hope this helps,

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