2811 ISDN channel stats?

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2811 ISDN channel stats?

Post by PsaIpt » Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:15 am

Hi, we have a 2811 router with a channelized E1/PRI port providing 12 ISDN channels for voice calls.

I am trying to find out if we are regularly using up all 12 channels, and need to add additional channels.

I have IOS access to the 2811, and would like to use a command to see how busy each of the channels is during a period of an hour or more. (E.g. a count of how many times each channel was used, or total minutes in use for each channel etc).

If I issue "show isdn memory" command, I can see a "max used" column against the CCBs. But I do not know how to clear this max used counter so I can see the max used since I last cleared it?

Or, is there a better command I can used to help me see the maximum number of channels used simultaneously over a period of time?

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