Cisco 5400/5350 voicegateways

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Cisco 5400/5350 voicegateways

Post by wonderwall » Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:36 am

Hi everyone,

I have just been hired by a Telecom company to work as a Network engineer. Job responsibilities, OnM of Contact center and IPT.
The task which i have been give for now is to understand the running config and any thing else on the voice gateways mentioned in the subject. I searched the forum but couldn't found anything about any voice gateway so I decided to paste some part of the running config and see if all the experts here can make noobs like me understand voice gateways, eventually creating a guide about the voice gateways which is not made by cisco.
If anyone is interested in helping then pls reply so that i could start pasting some parts of the config file.

Every one who has even a bit of knowledge about Ios or voice/voip is requested to contribute in.