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So I really can't answer 1 and 3, and 2 actually brings up concern....How do you plan to anchor to load-balanced WLCs? I'm pretty sure you anchor to one controller, but maybe I just haven't read much about Load-balancing. Clear to enlighten me?furthermore, When configuring anchor wlans, I've always had to make the configuration Identical. Which included defining the DHCP server on the wlan that is trusted. As far as I know, you can only define 1 DHCP server, so I'm not really sure how you would even make two dhcp servers work (unless you don't have to define a dhcp server on the trusted WLC)...But assuming you could make both dhcp servers work with the wlc, then you probably will need to split the scopes else you have no way to control address conflicts if you are really using two dmz controllers.I guess I need to read-up a little on what you are calling "load balancing mode"...

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1. I think you should have physical port1 and mgmt interface for management purpose (tagged or untagged) and port2 and dynamic interface (I think of them as a VLAN interface on switch) for guest user.2. As you said use two scope or external DHCP server for this scenario. "Load balancing" is possible.3. Sorry I don't have any deployment with two NGS... but you can run two ngs in VMware server and test this (you can obtain 30 day free licens from Cisco site). Have you look here:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/securit ... ersGregory
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Guest-->AP-->WLC(internal)--EOIP-->Anchor WLC -----Authentication--> NAC Guest Server

i have a problem in web-redirection, i configured the web authentication in Anchor WLC forwarding towards Nac guest Server using this url: https://x.x.x.x/sites/sitename/login.html.

from PC i am getting the IP from DHCP server which is configured on Anchor controller but not getting the web authentication page. using url :

do i have to configure web authentication in WLC internal and also need to give same url for web authenticaion ?
second, in NAC guest in site directory i couldn't find the login.html file .
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