Using 2801 and HWIC for Simple AP

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Using 2801 and HWIC for Simple AP

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I'm at a company that hired consultants to setup their Cisco 2801 routers. They have since bought 802.11b/g HWIC cards for those routers and installed them, but don't know how to configure them. I have almost no cisco iOS experience, but I've been tasked with setting up two wireless networks.

Network A - SSID WS_Guest
should broadcast ssid
should be on its own vlan /
should be its own dhcp server for this vlan
should use wpa security with a pre-shared key
Internet traffic should be routed to external interface (interface0/0)
This vlan should not be able to communicate with internal lan

Network B - SSID WS_Staff
should broadcast ssid
should use wpa security with a pre-shared key
should use existing dhcp server on network to hand out dhcp addresses on wlan
should be part of the same subnet as existing lan ( /

I got as far as this for the config, and I haven't even started on the network A yet.

Code: Select all

dot11 syslog
interface dot11radio0/1/0
  no ip address
  ip nat inside
  ip virtual-reassembly
  no ip route-cache cef
  no ip route-cache
  no shutdown
  encryption mode ciphers tkip
  station-role root
  ssid WS_Staff
      authentication open
      authentication key-management wpa
      wpa-psk ascii 0 XXXXXXXXXX
Obviously, this doesn't work. I'd appreciate any help you can provide be it code or pointing me to some better instructions
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