cannot use Internet on VPN connection

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Re:cannot use Internet on VPN connection

Post by Guest » Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:31 pm

Husy,Can you expplain more about this: "You have static IP addresse and gateway assigned to your LAN connection (wired)"My IP address is set as DCHP at my office.I only use one connection at a time, wire or wireless to avoid any confusion.  I use Linksys wireless router with VPN pass through at my home. When connected to VPN, Internet connection icon as seen the attaced photos, always appears and gets enabled. when I disconnect VPN, it also get disabled. Do you know what is that?  


Re:cannot use Internet on VPN connection

Post by Guest » Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:07 pm

"Can you expplain more about this: "You have static IP addresse and gateway assigned to your LAN connection (wired)" "If you statically assign an IP address to LAN connection, for example, and a gateway of for example, ths will work at place which you made configuration for. In somewhere else, in hotel or at work, IP subnet would be different. And since your IP address is assigned static, it wont acquire a valid IP address at work or in hotel. So it must be set to obtain automatically.I usually see the icon you mention when computer connects to a WAN provider with a device connected to itself like a USB modem. But also sometimes see it when computer successfully connect to internet , especially in winxp Home editions, but sometimes I dont see it altough the inernet is connected. But this may be indicating one thing!If your VPN endpoint is configured to force all traffic through the tunnel, the VPN client will no more be surfing internet via its local gateway. Client will be connecting and even surfing the internet over main office, the VPN endpoint. If so, whenever you connect VPN, you will be having a new internet connection/service that is controlled by main office, and this might be causing that icon appear.If above is correct, that would explian the problem you face in hotel. Since laptop is forced to use the tunnel, a possible problem with VPN passthrough in the line that hotel management provided to you, will affect your internet connectivity also.To prove above theory, connect your VPN client. Right-click the VPN icon at right-bottom, then click statistics. Now click route details tab. If you dont see any network entry at right, or you see a network entry of, theory is correct.Another way of testing this is, while you are not connectet via VPN client, visit . You will see your public IP. Now close the browser, connect via VPN client, then open a new browser and visit the site above again. If you see a different public IP, then theory is correctAbout the issue in hotel that while you were not connected to VPN and were unable to browse the network, hotel management might have been using a transparent proxy (they always use for advertisements when they provide free internet) which would affect your internet connection.

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Re: cannot use Internet on VPN connection

Post by bbbb » Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:55 pm

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Re: cannot use Internet on VPN connection

Post by Ayelen » Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:45 am

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