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I don't think so--as long as you're not running anything that adds to the header size of the packet, it's not going to matter if the MTU on the wan links is the same as the MTU on the local links. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything that would add to the packet size on the routers themselves.Of course, it's not going to do any harm to set the MTU higher, and it may save you headaches later, if something crops up that requires a larger MTU, and you don't remember to set it. So, setting it higher is fine, it's not hurting or helping anything at the moment, as long as both ends of every link are set the same.Russ.W

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Re: OSPF and MTU

Post by CCXX » Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:50 am

If you wish to get around MTU problem without changing the MTU value, you can try ignoring mtu check. E.g. http://blog.netbraintech.com/2013/07/22 ... atch-ospf/

Here, SW3 (3550) is configured to disable MTU mismatch detection for Database Descriptor (DBD) packets.

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