Router to receive Multicast Traffic from Switch

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Router to receive Multicast Traffic from Switch

Post by Amj » Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:14 am

Hi Everyone

In normal situations, router sends IGMP query to the switch and in turn gets IGMP reports from the switch and on the basis of that report, it then sends the multicast traffic to the switch which is specific to that group.
My question is that is it possible to do the other way around?? Meaning switch sends the multicast traffic to the router after getting the request for it?

Actually. I have a source (a PC or host) of mutlicast group G connected to the switch and all receivers of this group G are also connected to the same switch and are getting the traffic fine except one receiver (a PC X) which is on the different network separated by two routers. PIM-SM is working fine between the routers.

Router A (connected to the switch) is RP and Router B (connected to the single receiver pc X) is DR. I can see in Router's A (RP router) routing table that DR router B is asking for the multicast traffic for group G (after getting the IGMP report from Receiver PC X) but because router A is not asking for multicast traffic from the switch (that is switch is not getting any IGMP report from the port where Router A is connected) therefore switch is not sending the multicast group G traffic out to the router A and hence Receiver Pc X is not getting any multicast packet.

My question is that is there any way that router A (RP router) can ask from the switch to send the multicast traffic for Group G?? coz switch will only send the traffic to those ports from where it is getting the IGMP report for group G.

Your help would highly be appreciated