calls failed between CUCM and PBX Siemens

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calls failed between CUCM and PBX Siemens

Post by Jusseeharpman » Wed May 29, 2013 8:01 am

When the user trying to call an extension on PBX some times the call failed and another is successful.

in the ingress gateway the logs show this errors:

somebody can guide me how to solve this problem?

022733: DATE: %VOICE_IEC-3-GW: C SCRIPTS: Internal Error (Digit collect failed): IEC= on callID 1152699 GUID=D31C1082BB5611E2AC0E90E723E64D6B

023142: DATE: %VOICE_IEC-3-GW: CCAPI: Internal Error (Resource busy): IEC= on callID 1305224 GUID=804355CA6C5DA119AA5F69020A0F643B

VOICE_IEC-3-GW: SIP: Internal Error (INVITE, invalid IE content): IEC= on callID -1

VOICE_IEC-3-GW: SIP: Internal Error (200 wait timeout): IEC= on callID 926621 GUID=99E682D4B29311E2A9A990E723E64D6B