Questions about IPCC licensing

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Questions about IPCC licensing

Post by mvperry » Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:53 pm

I am a newbie and will probably ask some newbie questions but here goes as best as I can describe. We are running old software:Cisco Application Administration - 5.0(2)SR02_Build045 Package: Unified CCX Enhanced.
We have: Unified CCX Enhanced Seat(s): 23 and basically this only allows 22 agents to log in. I am assuming 1 license must be used for overhead. What can I do to add licenses? Is there an inexpensive way due to the age factor?
We are having a similar issue with our Unity(Cisco Unity 5.0 Build 5.0(1)) licensing although it is not as severe.(Total number of subscribers (both voice messaging and unified messaging features)Total -186 Used - 141 and Unused - 45

If I can get more details please let me know.